VISITORS registration form: If you want a closer look at the boats, sailors and racing you need to register free of charge, it is essential to have access to the foiling week.
Access to the event location is available only to registered users.

RACE entry form: It is the registration for partecipating to TFW Races and to the TFW Speed Contest. If you register for racing you will benefit from a reduced fee for the TFW Forum.

FORUM entry form: Access to TFW Forum is subject to charges and has a limited number of seats. For corporate bulk packages (over 5 seats) please write to

Here the partecipating fees and the link to the entry forms:
click on the event title to open the entry form

Visitor Registration formFree of charge (registration compulsary)
TFW FORUMBefore June 4th      After June 4th
TFW forum (for those participating only to the forum)150,00 €200,00 €
TFW forum each crew member
when bought together with a race
50,00 €75,00 €
TFW RACESBefore June 4th      After June 4th
Moth National Open Championship95,00 €125,00 €
Moth National Open Championship + TFW mixed racing160,00 €210,00 €
TFW mixed racing, one person foiler95,00 €140,00 €
TFW mixed racing, two person foiler160,00 €210,00 €
TFW mixed racing, up to 4 crew Foiler (no launch crane needed)240,00 €290,00 €
TFW mixed racing, more then 4 crew Foiler OR launch crane needed320,00 €370,00 €

For Forum corporate bulk packages (over 5 seats) please write to
Please bear in mind Forum seats are limited to 100

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