Gurit Forum

The forum this year is moving online and will be freely visible on Foiling Week social channels (Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin) with the purpose of enhancing the interaction with the foiling community.

10:00 AMOcean Health/Conservation.
Blair Tuke, Anne-Cecile Turner, Ocean Conservancy Rep.
AC Innovations.
Dan Bernasconi (ETNZ)
Beach Style Foiling.
Scott Drexler, Annelous Lammerts, Balz Muller, Robby Naish , Kainani Drexler
IMOCA future.
Guillame Verdier, Antoine Mermod, Juan K.
11:00 AMEagle Class 53 Flying.
Tommy Gonzalez.
Large Foiling Yachts.
Mani Frers
SuMoth Challenge Sustainability Evaluation with 11th Hour Racing
12:00 PMFoiling Formats.
Julian Di Biase SailGP, Giorgio Benussi Persico69F
Chubanga V3 Kite Foil innovation.
Simone Bartesaghi, Luca Filippi, Charles Dhainaut
1:00 PMAC Commercial Applications.
Ian Percy (Artemis Technologies)
2:00 PMProject QFX.
Hugh Welbourn
Wide Range Foiling.
Gonzalo Redondo, Luc duBois, Dirk Kramers, Tomas Ruiz
3:00 PMBuilding Foils: an unparalleled expertise.
Mark Somerville
4:00 PMSuMoth Challenge Sustainability Evaluation with 11th Hour Racing
5:30 PMFoiling research frontiers.
Laura Marimon
Note: Times are relative to the CET time zone. for different Time Zone consider that Time EST (East Coast USA) is -6, Time PT (Pacific Coast USA) is -9, Time in NZ is +10. Click on the title of the speeches to see them online

The panels will be moderated by Chris Museler, Andrew Pindar and Bruno Giuntoli.