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McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Day 2 Results

2015mothworlds day2 result

PositionNameSail NumBow NumCountry1234567Total Points
1BURLING, PeterNZL421923NZL-7-21111114
2OUTTERIDGE, NathanAUS11AUS11-4-322114
3BABBAGE, ScottAUS44AUS-81-6231526
4SLINGSBY, Tom4133132AUS1-5-27425246
5MCKNIGHT, JoshAus33AUS-6321-55325
6JENSEN, IainAUS395167AUS422-542-3958
7RASHLEY, ChrisGBR22GBR33-7-414426
8GULARI, BoraUSA423911USA2-124753-841
9DRAPER, ChrisGBR405039GBR2436-7-8636
10KOTOUN, AnthonyISV402275ISV5-9-10336541
11GOUGH, RobertAUS77AUS455-187-11656
12WARNER, Kurtis4063148AUS910-21267-1267
13GOODISON, Paul414655GBR14-1636104DNF133
14PSAROFAGHIS, ArnaudSUI3796109SUI108-169-129367
15LISTER, David365778AUS26-52DNF5432172
16RAST, ChrisSUI4112112SUI10411-12-207973
17RIZZI, StefanoITA4093116ITA68-12DNF61212136
18TUKE, Blair3991147NZL-19171999DNF144
19ASHBY, Glenn418817AUS775-14-34AVGAVG93.80
20MCMILLAN, LeighGBR414889GBR116-14-2011111083
21MCDOUGALL, AndrewAUS430012AUS813-18138-23790
22GOTO, HirokiJPN398957JPN3127-201117DNF150
23KAJIMOTO, KoheiJPN409569AUS-157-29121314494
24LANGFORD, KyleAUS413177AUS1118158-21-258106
25 JOHNSON, Tom424768AUS9-29218-251314119
26KURTS, PhillipAUS378576AUS1211627DNF-3111178
27FERRIGHI, Gian MariaITA413845ITA15-32-341519613134
28SALTER, Julian3671123AUS1818-231015OCS7171
29WOODS, JamesAUS3934153AUS16-36-321317817139
30HEATHCOTE, Jonathan406260RSA1313-22DNC131517173
31BURTON, Thomas401924AUS24-271117812DNF179
32CASTLE, Joel401126AUS-29-48921141020151
33DAVIES, RayNZL4237159NZL12681831-40-39154
34HISCOCKS, Simon398562GBR2219-3671021-32147
35BARKER, DeanNZL422918NZL1419-26112214-33139
36VEAL, RohanAUS3900160AUS-201520-24181515127
37PEET, George4163103USA59262621-29DNF196
38SARE, WarrenAUS4020124AUS-39UFD3310172011210
39PHILLIPS, WilliamAUS3990107AUS21-3413162021-35160
40CONNOR, CharlesAUS421630AUS-33-331515271620159
41OWEN-SMITH, James390399AUS-38-241719162418156
42PHILLIPS, Samuel3976106AUS31-35-412314189171
43ÅKERVALL, NilsSWE415915SWE-3226-3122121919161
44TAILBY, ReeceAUS4003142AUS2421-4214-281919167
45CHAPMAN, AndrewAUS396613AUS1711935-36-3727172
46MOON, BenAUS421091USA23161722-3220-26156
47FERRIGHI, Stefano413946ITA2217UFD172816DNF260
48CAMPBELL, ANDREWUSA413525USA28-46-2921232210179
49JACKSON, RichardAUS416614AUS32-58DNF19161328246
50MIGHELL, Harold397790AUS-25201624-302218155
51DAMIC, Luka365634AUS38-40UFD16152616231
52WILSON, Patrick4164151USA13-42DNF3093332239
53HOLENWEG, DavidSUI375263SUI36-43UFD23181725242
54SHERRING, JackAUS3717128AUS21-4518282625-31194
55THORPE, LesAUS3832144AUS252124DNC-382922239
56LOGAN, DavidAUS400479AUS-36-473025243213207
57PEARSON, Brent4221101AUS3415192532DNFDNF285
58FREDDI, Thomas422449ITA43DNFBFD33191023288
59GOLDSBERRY, JonnyUSA416954USA19-37123435DSQ29246
60ROBERTS, Daniel4056157AUS23-44233129-3722209
61RESCH, Nikolaus4241114AUT303020-332427DNF244
62MURPHY, Annalise386193IRL-4526DNF30291831259
63WARREN, Jasper3824149AUS1810283444-45DNF259
64TABATA, WakakoJPN4137141JPN-4735222727-3624218
65WOOLLEY, GeoffNZL3929154NZL42298-49-453621230
66ENGLAND, Samantha422243AUS48-49-5826262415246
67STEELE, ChrisNZL4215138NZL17-41DNF29332733260
68KIRBY, ROMEUSA396571USA-53222532-373130230
69THOMAS, StevenAUS4205143AUS16271011DNFDNFDNF304
70KISSANE, Alistair360072IRL29-4338-45313016232
71MARIE, BenoitFRA387583FRA3020DNF-42362337268
72SUZUKI, MasatomoJPN4211140JPN27253537-42-3923228
73GRAVARE, MartinSWE366658SWE4538BFD2823UFD14308
74WYATT, Charlie3827155AUS2831DNF-46343525279
75KNOWLES, MattUSA401774USA26282540-4135DNF275
76SHARPE, ScottAUS4173127AUS-413028313333DNF276
77COTTON, Scott419833AUS42231336-4847DNF289
78LORING, David400681USA4038UFD3722-4424285
79HORTON, AndyUSA412964USA34-591940-414129263
80PETRINO, Adriano3836104SUI3547302925DNFDNF326
81MCLOVIN-SPITHILL, TomAUS3968137AUS-57-554632302830278
82SEATON, RyanNZL4156126IRL413643DNC-493421304
83ROBINSON, MarkAUS4000120AUS27-56DNF38393837315
84SCHILLER, PhilippeSUI3776125SUI50-55DNF39403026320
85MUELLER, Fabio377792SUI44-66-4839393428298
86COMADIRA, Zane395829AUS3537144357DNFDNF346
87LOOF, Freddy423180SWE4034244246DNFDNF346
88WHITE, Byron3750150AUS314631-53-514040292
89O’SHEA, Michael377198AUS49-5427-55464227300
90MAXAM, ZacharyUSA368387USA37-53-5141383841299
91WINTER, RodneyAUS3673152AUS4425DNF-58543934334
92PRESTI, PhilippeFRA4154108FRADNF4237-50434342337
93FETHERS, AndersenAUS423547AUS-5639BFD45474635348
94SMITH, PhilipAUS3687133AUS4722454954DNFDNF377
95PUTTMAN, Max3570110AUS50DNFDNF46454136378
96GENDERS, JohnAUS363150AUS5151DNF383546DNF381
97BREWIN, Steven418622AUS-514044444851DNF358
98ONISHI, Taka374497JPN4631525152DNFDNF392
99KENDALL, Peter363370AUSDNFDNFDNF44443234394
100ROBINSON, DavidAUS4021119AUS-585647415143DNF376
101CHAPMAN, WilliamAUS423627AUS2014BFD48DNFDNFDNF402
102ROSS, Kyle3874121AUS5949DNF434250DNC403
103MARTIN, David387885AUS5252325653DNFDNF405
104EVANS, RussNZL408244NZL64DNFDNF364026DNF406
105PEYRON, Loick3964105FRA4632DNF615059DNF408
106TUCKER, Benjamin3952146AUSDNFDNFDNF35375343408
107SHIELS, JodyAUS3895130AUS555456DNFDNF4836409
108COOPER, Bruce395632AUS5245DNF544755DNF413
109CONNOR, Nicholas378431AUS49603959-6147DNF395
110BAUDET, HenriSUI376819SUI5351405258DNFDNF414
111KNIGHT, Katherine402573GBR67DNCDNF58584838429
112SITJA, Lea3738131AUS4323DNFDNF6657DNF429
113DIXON, Chris377938AUS636153DNC5542DNF434
114SPIERS, Emma4187136AUS5757DNF476449DNF434
115EDMUNDS, Lloyd417241AUS333350DNFDNFDNFDNF436
116JACKSON, CarterAUS409466AUS65-66DNF60575638422
117PEARSON, Robert3637102AUS6963DNF505044DNF436
118BICK, ChrisAUS422021AUS64-6554545650DNF423
119MARTIN, RaysheleAUS399686AUS4839DNF59DNF55DNF441
120SIM, Andrew3038170AUS-665955626249DNF433
122SHERRING, BrianAUS4178175AUS-685857656451DNF443
124GILBERT, Annalise380351AUS5441BFD6160DNFDNF456
125REZZOUG, AnthonyFRA4065115FRA6360DNF5143DNFDNF457
126DANKS, PeterAUS383335AUS67DNFBFD535345DNF458
127HARR, Hudson359359USA5624DNFDNF59DNFDNF459
128TOOMEY, Alex3638145AUS62-6359635660DNF443
129WARD, IanAUS4176176AUS6957BFD646152DNF463
130SHERRING, StevenAUS3636129AUS6153DNF4863DNFDNF465
131EKBERG, Gus378142AUS5562DNF5652DNCDNF465
132GOSS, Edward -NedUSA393656USA71DNFDNF574952DNF469
133SIM, Ian3009171AUS-756463666553DNF466
134FRENCH, James4177174AUS-726861636356DNF463
135ARAKAWA, UmihikoJPN413016JPN5444DNFDNFDNF54DNF472
136GODDARD, Alan424553AUS594849DNFDNFDNFDNF476
138DANKS, SamAUS368536AUS68DNFDNF626258DNF490
139OMOND, StuartAUS335996AUSDNFDNFDNF646054DNF498
143FRENCH, David4175173AUS706260DNFDNFDNCDNF512
148NORRIS, Kirstin3326156AUS6567DNFDNFDNFDNCDNF532

Peter Burling’s perfect day out at McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds

2015 Moth Worlds  Day 2.  023,Peter BURLING,NZL 4219, 132,Tom SLINGSBY,AUS 4133

2015 Moth Worlds Day 2. 023,Peter BURLING,NZL 4219, 132,Tom SLINGSBY,AUS 4133

New Zealand’s Peter Burling reeled off four straight wins to take the lead on Day 2 of the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship on Port Phillip in Sorrento, Victoria, sounding the warning bell for the other 159 competitors.

With the fleet split into Blue and Yellow, Burling was in the Blue group on a course closer to shore. Defending world champion Nathan Outteridge (AUS) was in the Yellow on a course further out and on the receiving end of bumpier conditions and scored 3-2-2-1 results.

Two drops are in place following the seven qualifying races. Burling is on 5 points and Outteridge on 7. Tomorrow the fleet will be divided into Gold and Silver, with the top half of leaderboard going through to the Gold fleet.

Ashore Burling said: “I won all four races – the last one by over a lap, which is pretty pleasing in this fleet. it’s all come together here,” he said referring to his disappointing results at the Worlds in 2011 and 2013.

“I did well in the light and shifty weather yesterday and today was as good. I put a lot of work into improving my game for this event.”

“We were in flatter more manageable water than the Yellow fleet, but even so, I dropped off the foil at one www and fell back to 11th, but I still got back and won. Everyone had a swim, or crashed or overtook,” the 2012 Olympic 49er silver medallist said of the course which was closer to the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, host for the event.

On Nathan Outteridge, Burling said: “Both of us have different commitments now – me with Emirates Team NZ and him with Artemis Racing (AC syndicates). We’re still good mates, but things are slightly different now. He is my biggest challenge for this title, of course.”

The Kiwi sailor named Chris Rashley and Chris Draper from Great Britain and Australians Tom Slingsby, Iain ‘Goobs’ Jensen, Josh McKnight and Scott Babbage as other threats.

For his part, Outteridge said of Burling: “I’ll face him tomorrow, because qualifying is over and we’ll be in the Gold fleet. I beat him on the first day in light air – that’s what I’m best at, but tomorrow’s meant to be even windier than today… I’ll be OK, but I prefer the light.

“I was OK for the first race today, but then the current changed – the last race especially was full-on and I was just trying to keep up with the leaders. It was bumpy and hard going and we all swam at some www; everyone’s feeling it.”

On his Yellow fleet opponents: “Five of us shared it around, me; Chris Rashley (GBR), Josh McKnight (AUS), Scott Babbage (AUS) the top four from the last Worlds in the Yellow fleet, so it was never going to be easy. Dave Lister got (AUS) amongst it too.”

Babbage is tucked into third place overall, a win in Race 6 giving him the jump on Outteridge’s 49er crew and fellow Artemis Racing team member, Iain Jensen, who sailed in the Blue fleet and is fourth overall after, “three good races, but I broke a bunch of stuff in the fourth… It was bumpy, crazy and full-on in the last two races,” he said.

Not so lucky was 2008 Olympic Tornado silver medallist and multiple multihull world champion Glenn Ashby (AUS). The Emirates Team NZ wing trimmer suffered extensive damage after a crash with one of the American boats in Race 6, dropping him down the board and cutting him out of Race 7, for which he will ask for redress.

“Lucky I’m a Sailmaker, so I can fix that, but I’ve got a broken foil and bow damage that will take a bit of fixing. Apart from that, it was a tough and bumpy old day, but awesome sailing.”

Racing will get underway from 1300 hours tomorrow.

Sixteen countries are represented in the record fleet of 160: Australia (97), Austria (2), Denmark (1), France (5), Great Britain (7), Hong Kong (1), Ireland (3), Italy (5), Japan (5), New Zealand (1), Norway (8), South Africa (1), Sweden (2), Switzerland (7), the US Virgin Islands (1) and USA (13).

Full results, news, photos and video at: www.mothworlds.org/sorrento/

McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Day 1

Day 1 of the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth World Championships. There’s quite a few rivalries out on the race course. One in particular is between two 49er teams, Outteridge and Jensen (AUS) vs. Burling and Tuke(NZL). Each of these sailors stepped up today and scored some solid results, so we caught up with them to hear more about it.

Visit the Moth Worlds website:

Video by Beau Outteridge

Outteridge gets early jump at McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co/2015 Moth Worlds. All Rights Reserved.

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co/2015 Moth Worlds. All Rights Reserved.

Reigning Moth world champion, Nathan Outteridge (AUS) kick-started his defence in style, getting the early jump at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship which started on Port Phillip in Sorrento, Victoria today.

Outteridge, the 2012 Olympic 49er gold medallist skipper, fired off two bullets and a fourth (his drop) on the first day of the Qualifying series to take an early lead.

Peter Burling (NZL), the 2012 Olympic silver medallist skipper, who fellow Moth competitor Tom Slingsby forewarned would be the biggest threat for the series some weeks ago, is in second place after scoring 7-2-1 results, while Outteridge’s 49er gold medallist crew, Iain Jensen, is third. The top three are each separated by one point.

“There’s a lot of Kiwi rivalry going on,” Outteridge said tonight. We raced again them (Burling and Blair Tuke) in the 49er and now here we are again. Peter is top in my group, so we’ll see how we go tomorrow.”

Jensen agreed. “Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, who were our training partners in the 49er are our biggest rivals. Peter’s in Nathan’s group and Blair’s in mine; he’s only sailed a Moth for three months, so his win (in Race 3) is pretty impressive,” Jensen said of Tuke who is currently in 21st place.

The 2012 Moth world champion, Josh McKnight (AUS) is poised nicely in fourth place, with Chris Draper (GBR), Tom Slingsby (AUS) and 2013 Moth world champion Bora Gulari (USA) trailing him, with very little between them at this early www.

Former two-time world champion and Moth exponent, Rohan Veal, is on the comeback trail, having not competed since 2008. A little rusty, he is in 35th place. In 2005 he won every single race of the Worlds in stunning fashion. The best placed female is Wakako Tabata (JPN) in 65th place.

With 165 entries, the fleet was split into two (Blue and Yellow) on two course areas, a big job for race officials. Originally, PRO Garry Hosie planned to hold four races, but conditions decided otherwise.

Two races were held in a 6-10 knot south/south-easterly breeze. Race 1 was fairly quick, but by Race 2, patchy fickle winds slowed the fleets on both courses and the sailors struggled to foil. Then the breeze fizzled to little more than 2 knots.

The AP flag was raised and the sailors waited it out. Finally a third race was underway in more light patchy airs. Race officials shortened the race to one lap, and once it was over, they were forced to call it quits for the day and competitors returned to Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) which is hosting the Worlds.

The record entry fleet is represented by Italy, Austria, Ireland, Japan, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Sweden and Australia are all well represented.

The qualifying rounds of the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship continue tomorrow from 1300 hours.

Full results, news, photos and video at: www.mothworlds.org/sorrento/



McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Day 1 results

2015 moth worlds day1 resultsResults after 3 races on day 1

PositionNameSail NumBow NumCountry123Total PointsNet Points
2BURLING, PeterNZL421923NZL-721103
3 JENSEN, IainAUS395167AUS-42284
4MCKNIGHT, JoshAus33AUS-632115
5DRAPER, ChrisGBR405039GBR2-4395
6SLINGSBY, Tom4133132AUS15-27336
7GULARI, BoraUSA423911USA2-124186
8RASHLEY, ChrisGBR22GBR33-7136
9BABBAGE, ScottAUS44AUS-816157
10GOUGH, RobertAUS77AUS4-55149
11GOTO, HirokiJPN398957JPN3-1272210
12ASHBY, Glenn418817AUS-7751912
13RAST, ChrisSUI4112112SUI104-112514
14KOTOUN, AnthonyISV402275USA59-102414
15PEET, George4163103USA59-264014
16DAVIES, RayNZL4237159NZL-12682614
17RIZZI, StefanoITA4093116ITA68-122614
18GOODISON, Paul414655GBR14-1633317
19KURTS, PhillipAUS378576AUS-121162917
20MCMILLAN, LeighGBR414889GBR116-143117
21TUKE, Blair3991147NZL-191713718
22PSAROFAGHIS, ArnaudSUI3796109SUI108-163418
23WARNER, Kurtis4063148AUS910-214019
24CHAPMAN, AndrewAUS396613AUS-171193720
25MCDOUGALL, AndrewAUS430012AUS813-183921
26KAJIMOTO, KoheiJPN409569AUS157-295122
27THOMAS, StevenAUS4205143AUS16-27105326
28LANGFORD, KyleAUS413177AUS11-18154426
29HEATHCOTE, Jonathan406260RSA1313-224826
30WARREN, Jasper3824149AUS1810-285628
31JOHNSON, Tom424768AUS9-29215930
32GOLDSBERRY, JonnyUSA416954USA19-37126831
33BARKER, DeanNZL422918NZL1419-265933
34MOON, BenAUS421091USA-2316175633
35PHILLIPS, WilliamAUS3990107AUS21-34136834
36CHAPMAN, WilliamAUS423627AUS2014-80 BFD11434
37PEARSON, Brent4221101AUS-3415196834
38BURTON, Thomas401924AUS24-27116235
39VEAL, RohanAUS3900160AUS-2015205535
40COTTON, Scott419833AUS-4223137836
41MIGHELL, Harold397790AUS-2520166136
42SALTER, Julian3671123AUS1818-235936
43WOOLLEY, GeoffNZL3929154NZL-422987937
44CASTLE, Joel401126AUS29-4898638
45FERRIGHI, Stefano413946ITA2217-80 UFD11939
46SHERRING, JackAUS3717128AUS21-45188439
47OWEN-SMITH, James390399AUS-3824177941
48HISCOCKS, Simon398562GBR2219-367741
49THORPE, LesAUS3832144AUS-2521247045
50TAILBY, ReeceAUS4003142AUS2421-428745
51ROBERTS, Daniel4056157AUS23-44239046
52FERRIGHI, Gian MariaITA413845ITA1532-348147
53KIRBY, ROMEUSA396571USA-53222510047
54CONNOR, CharlesAUS421630AUS-3333158148
55WOODS, JamesAUS3934153AUS16-36328448
56COMADIRA, Zane395829AUS35-37148649
57RESCH, Nikolaus4241114AUT-3030208050
58MARIE, BenoitFRA387583FRA3020-80 DNF13050
59ROUSSELON, NicolasFRA3596122FRA3714-80 DNF13151
60KNOWLES, MattUSA401774USA26-28257951
61SUZUKI, MasatomoJPN4211140JPN2725-358752
62HORTON, AndyUSA412964USA34-591911253
63WILSON, Patrick4164151USA1342-80 DNF13555
64TABATA, WakakoJPN4137141JPN-47352210457
65ÅKERVALL, NilsSWE415915SWE-3226318957
66CAMPBELL, ANDREWUSA413525USA28-462910357
67STEELE, ChrisNZL4215138NZL1741-80 DNF13858
68LOOF, Freddy423180SWE-4034249858
69SHARPE, ScottAUS4173127AUS-4130289958
70WYATT, Charlie3827155AUS2831-80 DNF13959
71WHITE, Byron3750150AUS31-463110862
72PETRINO, Adriano3836104SUI35-473011265
73SITJA, Lea3738131AUS4323-80 DNF14666
74LOGAN, DavidAUS400479AUS36-473011366
75 PHILLIPS, Samuel3976106AUS3135-4110766
76EDMUNDS, Lloyd417241AUS3333-5011666
77SMITH, PhilipAUS3687133AUS-47224511467
78KISSANE, Alistair360072IRL29-433811067
79WINTER, RodneyAUS3673152AUS4425-80 DNF14969
80MURPHY, Annalise386193IRL4526-80 DNF15171
81SARE, WarrenAUS4020124AUS39-80 UFD3315272
82O’SHEA, Michael377198AUS49-542713076
83ONISHI, Taka374497JPN4631-5212977
84SEATON, RyanNZL4156126IRL4136-4312077
85LISTER, David365778AUS2652-80 DNF15878
86PEYRON, Loick3964105FRA4632-80 DNF15878
87DAMIC, Luka365634AUS3840-80 UFD15878
87LORING, David400681USA4038-80 UFD15878
89HOLENWEG, DavidSUI375263SUI3643-80 UFD15979
90PRESTI, PhilippeFRA4154108FRA-80 DNF423715979
91HARR, Hudson359359USA5624-80 DNF16080
92ROBINSON, MarkAUS4000120AUS2756-80 DNF16383
93GRAVARE, MartinSWE366658SWE4538-80 BFD16383
94MARTIN, David387885AUS-52523213684
95BREWIN, Steven418622AUS-51404413584
96MARTIN, RaysheleAUS399686AUS4839-80 DNF16787
97COLLINS, Rosemary364128AUS6028-80 DNF16888
98MAXAM, ZacharyUSA368387USA37-535114188
99CONNOR, Nicholas378431AUS49-603914888
100STEVENSON, Phil3905139AUS3950-80 DNF16989
101JACKSON, RichardAUS416614AUS3258-80 DNF17090
102BAUDET, HenriSUI376819SUI-53514014491
103MUELLER, Fabio377792SUI44-664815892
104FETHERS, AndersenAUS423547AUS5639-80 BFD17595
105GILBERT, Annalise380351AUS5441-80 BFD17595
106COOPER, Bruce395632AUS5245-80 DNF17797
107GODDARD, Alan424553AUS-59484915697
108ENGLAND, Samantha422243AUS4849-5815597
109ARAKAWA, UmihikoJPN413016JPN5444-80 DNF17898
110MCLOVIN-SPITHILL, TomAUS3968137AUS-575546158101
111GENDERS, JohnAUS363150AUS5151-80 DNF182102
112ROBINSON, DavidAUS4021119AUS-585647161103
113SCHILLER, PhilippeSUI3776125SUI5055-80 DNF185105
114ROSS, Kyle3874121AUS5949-80 DNF188108
115SHIELS, JodyAUS3895130AUS5554-56165109
116ILETT, JohnAUS424265AUS6050-80 DNF190110
117DIXON, Chris377938AUS-636153177114
118SHERRING, StevenAUS3636129AUS6153-80 DNF194114
119SIM, Andrew3038170AUS-665955180114
120SPIERS, Emma4187136AUS5757-80 DNF194114
121SHERRING, BrianAUS4178175AUS-685857183115
122EKBERG, Gus378142AUS5562-80 DNF197117
123BICK, ChrisAUS422021AUS64-6554183118
124TOOMEY, Alex3638145AUS62-6359184121
125FRENCH, David4175173AUS-706260192122
126FREDDI, Thomas422449ITA43-80 DNF80BFD203123
127REZZOUG, AnthonyFRA4065115FRA6360-80 DNF203123
128WARD, IanAUS4176176AUS6957-80 BFD206126
129SIM, Ian3009171AUS-756463202127
130FRENCH, James4177174AUS-726861201129
131PUTTMAN, Max3570110AUS50-80 DNF80 DNF210130
132RASMUSSEN, HansDEN3601111DEN6664-80 DNF210130
133HENDERSON, DavidAUS3660172AUS-736962204131
134JACKSON, CarterAUS409466AUS6566-80 DNF211131
135PEARSON, Robert3637102AUS6963-80 DNF212132
136NORRIS, Kirstin3326156AUS6567-80 DNF212132
137FORBES-SMITH, Tim399948AUS58-80 DNF80 DNF218138
138DUCKWORTH, Ewan378340AUS-80 DNF6180 UFD221141
138SPENCE, Graeme3841135AUS61-80 DNF80 DNF221141
140HIRSCH, Markus424661AUT62-80 DNF80 DNF222142
141EVANS, RussNZL408244NZL64-80 DNF80 DNF224144
142GIRDIS, Jordan956052AUS-80 DNF6580 DNF225145
143KNIGHT, Katherine402573GBR67-80 DNC80 DNF227147
143DANKS, PeterAUS383335AUS67-80 DNF80 BFD227147
145DANKS, SamAUS368536AUS68-80 DNF80 DNF228148
146GOSS, Edward (Ned)USA393656USA71-80 DNF80 DNF231151
147MCLEOD, BruceAUS424088AUS74-80 DNF80 DNF234154
148SPENCE, Colin3573134AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148RAYNES, GuyGBR3131113GBR-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148NEWLING, Ben392094AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148OMOND, StuartAUS335996AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148PARTRIDGE, Rob3680100HKG-80 DNC80 DNF80 DNF240160
148NEWTON, JoeyAUS413295AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148MARSH, Phillip923684AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148ROBINSON, Cameron3676118AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148KENDALL, Peter363370AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148TUCKER, Benjamin3952146AUS-80 DNF80 DNF80 DNF240160
148HENSHAW, Melinda3098158NZL-80 DNC80 DNC80 DNF240160

McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Practice Race

Highlights from the practice race for the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championships. Hear from two time Moth World Champion, Bora Gulari, about the record breaking race. Chris Rashley won the race, even though he is injured, showing he may still have what it takes to step up his 2nd place from last year’s Moth Worlds.