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Artemis Racing AC 45 Turbo

By Pressure Drop

Artemis Racing

“We knew it was a weapon when it was on the drawing board, and it certainly has lived up to those expectations thus far” says Adam May, Design Coordinator with Artemis Racing from their Alameda California home base. “We call it the AC 45 Turbo, a scaled down version of what we think our AC 62 will be.” Just to be clear to all concerned, the AC 45 Turbo is not what will be competing in the AC 45 World Series. Those boats will all be stock AC 45’s with matching appendages , mechanical conveyances and assorted packages all provided to the teams to keep the competition very even, boat wise.

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The Reel Moth Worlds 2015 by SA

By Sailing Anarchy

The biggest and most talented fleet in the nearly 100-year old history of the International Moth class meets some of the gnarliest, nastiest sailing conditions of any Worlds in Sorrento, Australia at the 2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth World Championship.
With the support of nautical footwear legend Sperry, Sailing Anarchy’s crack team of media pros broadcast the entire event live, while Petey Crawford and Sander Van Der Borch added their signature high-quality highlight videos and photos to the multi-media, socially curated content.
Whether you missed the live feed or watched every minute of our coverage, here’s the no-holds barred 20-minute look at what the regatta was really about. Watch this one all the way through, and don’t blink or you’ll miss something.

Oracle Team USA, is scheduled to be training on its new AC45 foiling catamaran this month in San Francisco.

by NZL

“It will be great to commission the new boat,” said tactician and sailing team manager Tom Slingsby.

“You have to go back to the last America’s Cup since we’ve sailed foiling catamarans. The new boat looks great and this is really going to be the start of our new America’s Cup campaign.”

“This will be the first time we’re all sailing on the foiling AC45 so it will be a big learning curve for the whole team and it will be interesting to see how we all gel together,” said trimmer Kyle Langford.

‘We have a few new faces and we have to get these guys out sailing on foiling cats,’ Slingsby said. ‘Guys like Andrew Campbell and Matt Cassidy, who haven’t sailed these boats before so we’re looking forward to showing them the ropes.

‘But we’re also looking forward to learning. As you saw in the last America’s Cup our learning curve was so steep.’

In addition to getting the sailors up to speed, the new foiling AC45 will allow the team to test design configurations.

‘The foiling AC45 will be our tool to understand how to make our AC62 as fast a boat as possible,’ said coach Philippe Presti, who will be on hand to guide the team.

The team will be training together in San Francisco for most of the month. This will be their last training session before relocating to Bermuda in April/May 2015.


Catamaran Techniques Avancées

En 1986, deux élèves de l’ENSTA lancent l’idée de créer un catamaran révolutionnaire, basé sur le principe des foils, capable d’atteindre des vitesses jusque là inimaginables pour un voilier.
Soutenu par la Direction Générale pour l’Armement (DGA) et la Direction des Constructions Navales (DCN), un projet technologique complexe va peu à peu prendre forme : concevoir un catamaran sur foils dans le but de battre le record du monde de vitesse à la voile et démontrer ainsi qu’un foiler, muni d’un gréement rigide, peut naviguer à haute vitesse de manière stable.

Dans le video la présentation du Catamaran “Techniques Avancées” conçu par les élèves de l’ENSTA, qui battu le reccord du monde de vitesse en 1997.