Landrover BAR capsize new test boat in Solent

by Land Rover BAR

© Harry KH / Land Rover BAR

© Harry KH / Land Rover BAR

Whilst out training on the Solent today, the team’s test boat T2 capsized off of Ryde, Isle of Wight.

The boat was righted quickly and no team members were injured. The shot above, supplied by the Team, is clearly of the boat as she was about to capsize, other photos taken after the righting show that most of the film covering the wingsail was destroyed.

The team confirmed that damage was sustained to a section of the wing, which the team is currently assessing, but plan to be back on the water in the New Year.

T2 is Land Rover BAR’s second testing boat, launched three months ago on the October 5th.

The wind range was between 15 – 19 knots, the boat was sailing at a slow speed when an issue with the wing inversion initiated a capsize to windward. No other vessels were involved.

Team members on-board:
Ben Ainslie
Paul Campbell James
Bleddyn Mon
David Carr
Nick Hutton
Andy McLean
Benjamin Muyl – observer

David Lloyd image

David Lloyd image

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