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Foiling Week™ is not just racing

Foiling Week is a name that represents much more than just foiling racing. In 2019 we have reached the “ten events” milestone (six in Malcesine, two in Sydney, one in Newport and one in Miami): we are busy as usual with planning events, activities and initiatives.

What is Foiling Week? What have we done so far and where are we heading?
Foiling Week is a no-profit sport and cultural association whose scope is to promote foiling and make it more safe, accessible and sustainable. In other words, the aim is to provide the foiling community with the network and resources to grow within the sport of sailing. Foiling and Foiling Week have grown indeed, with the help and for the benefit of the foiling community as a whole.

We aim at CONNECTING people, encourage COOPERATION, drive CHANGE.
We do connect, cooperate and change through events and initiatives.
Among the initiatives and activities devised over the years we are proud in particular of these:
INFORMATION: we publish daily foiling news on our social platforms. The average monthly reach is 250K. This means foiling news are spread well beyond the foiling community, getting major traction with the larger general sailing community.
SAFETY: launch of the first medical research on foiling related traumas in cooperation with the Society of Outdoor Sports & Performance Medicine. The scope is to discover how foiling sailors get injured, understand how to best prevent the injuries through specific protections and design improvements.
ACCESSIBILITY: trials open to the public since 2014, specific trials for kids since 2015, specific trials fro women since 2016 in cooperation with The Magenta Project), learn to fly courses for beginners since 2017 ( in cooperation with Andrew Simpson Watersports Centres ), coaching for participating classes in cooperation with OLY sailors since 2018. Over 500 people have tried foiling for the first time at a Foiling Week event, But one of our boldest project is PROJECT SAS, a foiling boat accessible to disabled sailors that il designed by Guillame Verdier. Project is ongoing with active fundraising activities.
SUSTAINABILITY: single-use plastic banned at all events since the 2014 use of electric boats for media and spectators since 2016, the launch of the successful online petition in 2019 to ban single-use plastics from all lake Garda shores.
CONFERENCES: over 200 speakers from all foiling backgrounds have presented topics at FW events, over 20 projects were announced as world first at the event.
EDUCATION and RESEARCH: devise and launch in 2019 of SuMoth ( Sustainable Moth ) challenge, a competition to design, build and sail a sustainably built International Moth open to naval architecture faculties around the globe. Devise and launch of the 2019 Mpef ( Multi-Purpose Electric Foiler ) competition open to professional naval architects and engineers.
While many new initiatives are being developed, two, in particular, are coming together in 2020 and will potentially contribute to a quantum leap acceleration in the networking and business capacity of the community. One initiative will bring the community closer to the composites industry as a whole, generating connections and business possibilities in an area familiar to the majority of the foiling community. The other will open doors to the greater high-tech world, with larger investments and corporations becoming connected.
News will, of course, follow soon on these two topics…

So…we want to hear from you out there, reader, fan, supporter, sailor, builder, designer, stakeholder, partner. Let us know how we can help further, let’s hear suggestions and comments. We are open. We are foiling. We are foiling week.

A big thanks to all team members, our partners and sponsors. Slam Gurit Marlow Ropes Torqeedo 11th Hour Racing GAC Pindar Persico Marine Polynt SAILMON
2020 here we come! Foiling Awards will be in Milan February 20th. Foiling Week Malcesine will be at Fraglia Vela Malcesine from June 24th to 28th.

Bénéteau Foiler

18-02-2019 By – Chloé Lottre

Une vidéo mise en ligne par le Groupe Bénéteau agite la toile. Il s’agit d’un bateau à moteur foiler lancé à très haute vitesse, avec des passagers sanglés dans leurs sièges baquets. Mais quelle est l’intention du groupe??

Le Groupe Bénéteau vient de mettre en ligne une vidéo de son premier bateau à moteur à foils. Ce concept-boat de 9,70 m a été développé en 9 mois, avec l’appui de 3 partenaires techniques pour dessiner, concevoir, développer et construire ce bateau volant nouvelle génération. DEMS Sarrazin Design, Noval et SEAir ont formé un mix de compétences design, techniques et mécaniques.

L’objectif est de voir comment transférer cette technologie à l’univers de la plaisance.

“L’objet de l’étude était de pouvoir tester un proto et de sécuriser la technologie des foils sur un bateau à moteur. Contrairement au Figaro 3 où les foils sont réglés à la main, on a développé ici un système automatisé” explique Mirna Cieniewicz, directrice de la communication.

L’objectif de Bénéteau est de créer un bateau accompagnateur pour les départs de courses de voiliers, qui sont de plus en rapides. “Une navigation plus douce, sans à-coup.” Ce concept pourra naviguer avec ou sans foils à la vitesse de 40 nœuds, d’où les 400 chevaux au tableau arrière.

Mirna nous explique que c’est une percée technologique dans le domaine des bateaux volants. Il y a encore beaucoup de paramètres à peaufiner ainsi, il n’y aura pas d’annonce commerciale dans les mois à venir.

Le responsable du projet nous avoue que le Groupe serait en mesure de fabriquer un moule et de sortir quelques unités de ce bateau très innovant s’il y a de la demande pour la fabrication de plusieurs modèles expérimentaux en tant que bateaux accompagnateurs.

Pour en savoir plus sur ce concept-boat, Bénéteau nous dévoile les secrets de son bateau volant.

America’s Cup sailors and designers win big at 2018 Foiling Awards

The foiling awards 2018 ceremony was held on February 11th in a location where the history of foiling was hovering directly above the crowd: the majestic Luna Rossa AC72 from San Francisco cup edition was in fact just meters away at the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia in Milan, allowing guests to appreciate the catamaran silver livery. A good match indeed to the Foiling Awards silverware in display.

The evening was also the opportunity for Foiling WeekTM to launch the Projects S.A.S., the world first foiling boat allowing able and disabled sailors to fly together.

The idea, devised by Foiling WeekTM, was introduced to demonstrate the FW core values: Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability. Designed by foiling guru Guillaume Verdier, the first prototype, the IRUS 5.5, is under construction in Lorient: the boat is a mini-IMOCA with dali foils, swing keel and double T rudders.

Once tested with modified seats and controls the new boat will be built at the world class facilities of Persico Marine.

Marcello Persico joined the www to present the project with Simone Ungaro, CEO of Movendo Technology (a company involved in robot-based rehabilitation) which is also supporting the project.

At last two of the project S.A.S. testimonials contributed to the evening. Glenn Ashby of Emirates Team New Zealand did appear in video and Max Sirena of Luna Rossa Challenge was present to show his support to the cause.

The project fund-raising was opened by Luca Rizzotti, Foiling WeekTM co-founder, by showing the newly opened Project S.A.S. dedicated bank account:

IBAN IT 15 Z 01030 34211 000001855235

Vittorio D’Albertas, the ceremony MC, passed the baton to Bruno Giuntoli, Foiling WeekTM competitions manager, that opened officially two newly launched design competitions: the MP eFoiler, in partnership with Gurit and Torqeedo, is dedicated to professional yacht design firms with the aim of designing a Multipurpose Electric powered foiling boat. The other is the SuMo competition, dedicated to naval architecture students, for the construction of a sustainably built Moth class compliant foiler.

The evening did reach the apex with the presentation of the Awards Winners:

Foiling Sailor presented by GAC Pindar
for best foiling sport achievement
Glen Ashby

Foiling Design presented by Persico Marine
projects still in design or in early production phase
America’s Cup Ac75 (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

Martin Fischer receive the Design Awards on behalf of Luna Rossa Challenge & Emirates Team New Zealand

Production Foiling Boat presented by Gurit
foiling craft already in production and being sailed
Manta Moth

Ferrighi’s brother & Luca Bonezzi receive the Award

One Off Foiling Boat presented by Gurit
foiling craft not intended for production, being sailed
Monofoil Gonet

Eric Monin receive the Award

Foiling Innovation by Foiling WeekTM
foiling design solutions applied to flight control / design / construction, excluding hull construction
America’s Cup AC75 Foil set up (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

Mario Caponetto receive the Innovation Awards on behalf of Luna Rossa Challenge & Emirates Team New Zealand

Foiling Sustainability presented by Torqeedo
ideas, inventions, design, initiative that will have a beneficial impact on environment
Autonomous Sailing Vessel by Artemis Technology

The Award ceremony was closed by Domenico Boffi, Foiling WeekTM co-founder, remarks and invite to join the first Foiling WeekTM of the year in July at Fraglia Vela Malcesine.

More info
Design competitions
Persico Marine
Movendo Tecnology

Foiling Week Awards 2017 winners and foilers at Giraglia 2018

The Foiling Awards ceremony was held in the prestigious setting of the Yacht Club Italiano: The candidates had been nominated and voted in an online poll by the fans who follow the social channels of Foiling Week.

Slam presented the Foiling Sailor Award: predisposition towards the future is part of Slam’s genetic heritage. It pushes towards innovation and technologies that allow sailors better performance.

The BMW Group has always encouraged innovation. This forward-looking philosophy has enabled and defined many important milestones in the company’s history. For this reason, the Innovation Awards does suit perfectly BMW that presented the Foiling Innovation Award.

Persico Marine and the Project Award are also a natural combination: Persico Marine builds custom racing yachts for the world’s most renowned racing teams and private owners. Persico is highly regarded as a skilled, full-service supplier, always ready to share its technological know-how with its clients.

Foiling Sailor Award presented by SLAM
For best foiling sport achievement of the year

Peter Burling, America’s Cup winner and second place at Moth Worlds (43% of votes)

other candidates
Paul Goodison, Multiple Moth Worlds winner
François Gabart, New Solo 24hr record
Liv Mackay, Red Bull Foiling Generation winner
Jerome Clerc, GC32 Racing Tour winner


Foiling innovation Award presented by BMW
For foiling design solutions specifically applied to flight control / design / construction of parts but excluding hull construction. It does include vessels not powered by wind

ACC Automatic Cant Control foil system by AST (54% of votes)

other candidates
G4 Automated Foil Control System by DNA Performance Sailing
Early Take-Off mechanism for IFLY15 by Catamaran Europe Central


Foiling Project Award presented by Persico Marine
Projects still in design phase but not yet in production

Foiler 39 by Studio ST Yacht (49% of votes)

other candidates
Foiling Proa by Rob Denney
MW680F Monohull Foiler by Marquinez & Wilson
Infinity 56 by Farr Yacht Design
VS40 Inshore Foiler Proposal by D3 Applied Technology


Foiling Production Boat Award
For foiling craft already in production and being sailed

Figaro 3 by Bénéteau (36% of votes)

other candidates
SuperFoiler by SuperFoiler Grand Prix
TF10 by DNA Performance Sailing
Essentiel by Phantom International
H20 by Bruce Beca


Foiling Green Award
For foiling ideas, inventions, design, initiative that will have a beneficial impact on environment

SeaBubble, Foiling River-Taxi (52% of votes)

other candidate
SEAir, Foiling RIB


Quotes from the winners:

Peter Burling, Foiling Sailor Award 2017, says in his video message:
Hi Luca and everyone at the Foiling Week and the foiling community, it is obviously an immense honour to be given this award.
Thanks for all the voters out there, it has been an incredible year pushing the boundaries with the America’s Cup with the whole team over there, pushing the boats super hard.
Definitely the improvements we made throughout that cycle were pretty amazing and then to be able to jump on a Moth and have a good bit of fun with so many other people doing the same thing and enjoying foiling around in Lake Garda, was pretty cool as well. Congrats to Goody again for taking that one out.
Well, definitely I think the future looks pretty exciting for foiling, a pretty cool concept for the next cup boat, hopefully other teams will get behind it, I am sure it will be pretty fast and we keep pushing the edge of technology and the edge of the sport. Something that is going to be really cool.
Thanks again for all the votes and have a great evening

Thilo Keller, Foiling Innovation Award 2017, on received the prize:
We believe that the simple and robust solutions are the ones the foiling world is looking for. Winning the Foiling Week Innovation Award does confirm our assumption, that we need to open up foiling to everyone and supply a technique which is easy to use and safe, even for beginners

Davide Tagliapietra on the right, Luca Rizzotti, FW President on the left

Davide Tagliapietra, Foiling Project Award 2017:
We are very honored to be recognized with this prize. Humbled and thankful that so many voters have recognized the effort. The other nominees presented excellent work and really good ideas. To have the foiler voted to victory among such competition is even more remarkable.
Thank you to them and also to Foiling Week for the opportunity. Davide and Doug

During the ceremony a presentation on the history of foiling was followed by a round table on the AC75, the new class that will be raced at the 36th Americas Cup.

The audience attending contributed with questions and opinions during the round table. An evening of shared views and novel ideas in pure Foiling Week style.

Nicolò Reggio on the left, Edoardo Napodano on the right

The president of the Yacht Club Club, Nicolò Reggio, proposed a partnership in the organization of a foiling event during the week of coastal races at the Giraglia Race, a proposal immediately welcomed enthusiastically by Foiling Week team.

The Foiling Week 2018 program starts in a month in Sydney Australia with the first Foiling Week of the year.