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Artemis Racing launches second Turbo

by Artemis Racing


Artemis Racing has made a flying start to 2016, relocating the team’s sailing operations to Bermuda, and perhaps even more significantly, launching its second turbo development boat of this America’s Cup campaign.

The new boat, nicknamed ‘T2’, was launched in Alameda, California, in early January. Design Coordinator, Adam May, provides an insight into the team’s development pathway for the 35th America’s Cup:

“Very early in this America’s Cup’s cycle we upgraded our existing foiling AC45, a boat similar to those used in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, to boost its performance and provide a platform to test appendages.”

“However, our development path truly began with our sister ship turbo program. ‘T1’ was launched in February 2015 as a test platform scaled to be similar to the AC62 class. The original AC45 foiler was then retired and converted into T2. There was a pause during its build while the AC class changed, and many features such as a similar deck layout to that of the new AC Class were incorporated into T2.”

“T2 is our second fully loaded turbo charged AC45. The extra beam (for more righting moment), larger wing, cockpits, and full fairing package; make it a very different beast to the narrow traditional AC45s with foils.”

The team completed a successful 10-day camp in Alameda, ahead of the imminent relocation of Artemis Racing’s sailing operations to Bermuda.

Iain Percy, Team Manager, commented “It was very satisfying to launch T2 before we left for Bermuda. The design and build of this boat was our key focus for 2015, and I’m very proud of the result of the team’s ingenuity and endeavour. It was particularly pleasing to be foiling around the Bay on day one without any significant teething problems, giving us the chance to maximize the precious time on the water. We took away a number of key learnings and directions for our future America’s Cup Class development program”.

T2 will soon be lining up on the Great Sound against its sister ship T1 in what will be an important stepping stone towards the team’s goal of winning the 35th America’s Cup.

“Two boat testing is an important component of our campaign strategy. It’s going to be quite a sight seeing two Artemis Racing boats flying over the America’s Cup race course”, said Iain Percy.

Artemis Racing Capsize AC45F

by Artemis Racing

“This is what happens when you leave the leeward runner on on an ac45.” Skipper Nathan Outteridge on this mornings capsize.

Artemis Racing launches AC45 Turbo in Bermuda

From americascup.com

Artemis Racing became the first America’s Cup challenger to launch its AC45 development catamaran in Bermuda this week. The Swedish team’s wing-sail foiling AC45 Turbo began sea trials in the Great Sound on Tuesday after being launched from its new temporary base at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

The first two days of sailing provided a real insight into what the team can expect ahead of America’s Cup World Series Bermuda this October, and the finals of the 35th America’s Cup in 2017.

Team Manager Iain Percy said “We were really just out there exploring the course on day one and checking the equipment after it’s journey from San Francisco. Over the last few days we’ve learnt that it is a tricky venue, it’s really shifty and gusty, and further to that, it’s tight. You need to understand the charts, where the rocks are, where you can and can’t go. There will be lots of tacks and gybes, the crew will be working incredibly hard getting the boat through the transitions. It’s certainly going to be a sailors race, which will be great for everyone watching and certainly plays to our strengths”.

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Artemis AC45T on San Francisco Bay, 9 Mar 2015

by John Navas

Commentary from catsailingnews.com:

If the 45s were already one of the best designs ever made, the AC teams are transforming them in even better boats, right now there is not major weapon around in the sailing World than these modified ex floating cats.
The low freeboard design (but mixed with with appropriate width volume) have shown excellent margin in the AC series in +25 knots racing in UK and other windy venues, beyond I thought they wouldn´t pass the test when first launched.

Current beachcat foiler designs like FP & Nacra are not 100% foiling targeted designs, as both comes from floating mode camps (F18 & Nacra 20 flaoting version) , so without a doubt new foilers arise with refined hulls with less volume / aero drag optimized.
The AC45 looks like already designed in this regard, and continue to confirm what a great boat  Oracle past technical team lead by Mike Drummond has delivered.