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Burns and Speer: Secrets of the Comeback

Platform aerodynamics, I think, made the difference between the American boat and the Kiwi boat.” Tom Speer, wing designer, Oracle Racing

ORACLE SprayWe could have titled this, Six Extra Feet of Wing, But Do You Know How to Use It?
The way “Fresh” Burns tells the story, and he should know, having been head of performance for Oracle Team USA, there were multiple turning points in Oracle’s desperate, early losing days of the San Francisco America’s Cup. The American boat was losing on every tack, every gybe. Then the Mere Grinders came to the Mighty Chiefs and said something like, “Look, we can tell when the boards are loaded and when they’re not loaded. Why don’t we try moving them when they’re not loaded?”

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A Cup of Caen: Smaller Boats, Bigger Cup

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Christopher Caen“… The multi-million dollar hulls (or “platforms,” as they became known) had to …”

“… This year’s Cup was one of the best for a very simple reason: it came down the most talented sailors, racing on the fastest boats, on the best patch of water in the world. I can’t wait to see it again.”

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