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The real Flying Dutchman


A milestone day on the waters of St Maarten. The G4 lifted up on her foils and flew. Top speed was 29.7 knots. A huge thank you to the whole Gunboat G4 development team including the DNA Design Team, including Mischa Heemskerk, Pieter Jan Dwarshuis, and Rudo Enserink, the G4 build team at Holland Composites, including Sven Janssen and Thijs van Riemsdijk, the Hall Spars G4 team including Jacques Swart, Dave Moffat and Ben Hall, and the North Sails G4 team including JB Braun, Kimo Worthington, Jonathan Bartlett and James Allsop. Mostly, we wish to thank owner Eduardo Perez for his belief in this dream, and his unwavering support.

The Gunboat G4 is a Fully Foiling Tesla

From swizzlesportsmedia.com

Gunboat G4

Lots of very smart people have been working to develop and produce a reliable, affordable, effective, and lightweight electric/hybrid electric system to be used on yachts for decades! And I’m not going to bore you with the details of all the electric yacht motors that were launched with great fanfare only to flounder on the rocks of electrical engineering reality. But after spending a large and fascinating chunk of time with Oceanvolt‘s Janne Kjellman (a very smart engineer from Finland), I’m going to make a not so dramatic prediction: These folks have figured it out.

Mastervolt drive

And the groundbreaking Gunboat G4 that’s just about to literally “fly” (it looks fast even on a concrete floor, doesn’t it) out of the Dutch boatyard where it was built is making the most of this game-changing technology. And be sure to watch for the full story of the G4 and other disruptive designs that will be running in an upcoming issue of Boat International.

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