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The Reel Moth Worlds 2015 by SA

By Sailing Anarchy

The biggest and most talented fleet in the nearly 100-year old history of the International Moth class meets some of the gnarliest, nastiest sailing conditions of any Worlds in Sorrento, Australia at the 2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth World Championship.
With the support of nautical footwear legend Sperry, Sailing Anarchy’s crack team of media pros broadcast the entire event live, while Petey Crawford and Sander Van Der Borch added their signature high-quality highlight videos and photos to the multi-media, socially curated content.
Whether you missed the live feed or watched every minute of our coverage, here’s the no-holds barred 20-minute look at what the regatta was really about. Watch this one all the way through, and don’t blink or you’ll miss something.

The ‘Oracles’ have spoken at McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship

Oracle Team USA is fielding a team of five at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship and all have made it into the Gold fleet Final’s. No mean feat when some, like Rome Kirby, have only been at it for three months.

“it’s been fun, a big learning curve,” says Kirby, a trimmer with the winning America’s Cup Oracle Team USA. “You are rewarded by time in the boat, that’s for sure.”

“it’s some of the hardest sailing all of us have ever done. But it’s something new, and I love to try new things,” the 25 year-old says.

Kirby and some of his Oracle teammates’ initiation in the giddy world of Moth sailing came when they descended on Nathan Outteridge and Iain ‘Goobs’ Jensen’s home patch at Wangi Wangi on the NSW Central Coast in October.

The location came on the advice of Oracle team member and NSW Central Coast sailor, Tom Slingsby. He chose it due to its similar conditions to Sorrento and because it was away from prying eyes. And it is a quiet place where they could focus solely on Moth sailing.

Doing so has paid dividends. The entire team made it into the Gold fleet Finals a few days ago. “We haven’t spent much time in the boat, so we can’t get too upset about results. There are a few good people in the Silver fleet who have been sailing Moths for five years and more at the top level,” the American says.

“These boats are super technical. There’s so much going on and everything changes, depending on the conditions,” he concedes, referring to foil selection among other things. “A lot of the principles are the same as sailing the America’s Cup boats though – including the foiling, which we’ve obviously done with the big cats.

“Big cats are obviously faster, but both boats test your reaction time and you have to have good boat handling,” ends Kirby, who became a sailing fan as a child.

He and father Jerry are the only father and son in memory who can claim winning the America’s Cup. Jerry was a bowman on America3 when it won in 1992, Kirby in 2013, in the biggest comeback since 1983 when Australia removed the Cup from American hands.

Tom Slingsby has a different mindset to Kirby. “Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. I’ve finished top five in all but one race, but you’d never know it, because things keep going wrong,” he says.

“I keep breaking things. Yesterday I snapped off my heavy air foil before the start of the first race, so couldn’t race. In the second race I got done for being over the start half a second early. I’m now sailing with my light air foil in heavy air which has slowed me down,” said Slingsby who came here to win – and had a good shot at it.

“Being 90 kilos and hiking, I run into issues. It’s about keeping the maintenance up. I can’t stop breaking things and then I’m still fixing the next day, so I’m late getting on the water. So I have to get better at maintaining my boat,” the 30 year-old admits.

The top sailors say Slingsby is very quick upwind. “I’m quick downwind too, with the right foil. Even though his heavy air foil is broken, and thereby not a prospect for today’s racing in heavy air, Slingsby is on a mission.

“Even with my light foil I’m going to beat Pete,” he says of Peter Burling (NZL) the man at the top of the leaderboard with eight standout wins on his scorecard, double that of second placed Nathan Outteridge (AUS), the defending champion and Artemis Racing skipper.

“I’ve got to get him today; I’ve just got to do it. I am going to do it,” the determined 2012 Laser Olympic gold medallist and winning Oracle Racing Team strategist says.

Today was a windy final day of racing, Peter Burling (NZL) has been crowned the 2015 International Moth Class World Champion.

By Di Pearson, McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds Media

McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Final results

Gold Fleet

1BURLING, PeterNZL-7-21111132111-612914
2OUTTERIDGE, NathanAUS11-4-3221-191253425024
3MCKNIGHT, JoshAUS-6321-553533242DNF12433
4RASHLEY, ChrisGBR33-7-4144-86835136041
5DRAPER, ChrisGBR2436-7-862458712-2910359
6TUKE, BlairNZL-19171999DNF4971712DNF527899
7RAST, ChrisSUI10411-12-20792011209-29513180119
8LISTER, DavidAUS26-52DNF5432-695611361612327126
9KOTOUN, AnthonyISV5-9-10336513159141439DNF225126
10JENSEN, IainAUS422-542-3932DNF47113724253129
11BABBAGE, ScottAUS-81-6231510DNCDNC151077235141
12GULARI, BoraUSA2-124753-8112411232241DNF253153
13MCDOUGALL, AndrewAUS813-18138-237291818121710DNF274153
14KAJIMOTO, KoheiAUS-157-29121314421103019-32196231155
15GOUGH, RobertAUS455-187-1167828UFD69317268159
16ASHBY, GlennAUS775-14-34AVGRDG127106215DNF9288.80160.80
17LANGFORD, KyleAUS1118158-21-258-3429196201514243163
18DAVIES, RayNZL126818-31-4024161214-29192218269169
19JOHNSON, TomAUS9-29218-251314-63132210162322288171
20PSAROFAGHIS, ArnaudSUI108-169-129393817212543DNF300192
21GOTO, HirokiJPN3127-201117RAF117213743-5232353201
22HISCOCKS, SimonGBR-2219-367102111-68193216262416327201
23MCMILLAN, LeighGBR116-14-20111110383716-5082039291207
24ÅKERVALL, NilsSWE-3226-312212192131262913-37134316216
25THOMAS, StevenAUS16271011DNFDNFDNF-4920121813910435226
26WARNER, KurtisAUS910-21267-12602513206DNCDNC351238
27FERRIGHI, Gian MariaITA15-32-34151961423-674424183435380247
28HEATHCOTE, JonathanRSA1313-22DNC131519353342-463813SCP19401
29SALTER, JulianAUS1818-231015OCS7422333-48473015409258
30SLINGSBY, TomAUS1-5-274252DNFDNFUFD4211DNF383271
31BARKER, DeanNZL1419-26112214-34243126452444DNF414274
32GOODISON, PaulGBR14-1636104DNF6DNFDNC6694043457281
33PHILLIPS, WilliamAUS21-3413162021-35-43283143403623404292
34RIZZI, StefanoITA6812DNF612-1318UFD152631DNCDNC467294
35VEAL, RohanAUS-201520-24181515DNF445139272130419295
36CAMPBELL, ANDREWUSA28-46-2921232210-65362322573126439299
37KURTS, PhillipAUS1211627DNF-31111552-5452542741473308
38PHILLIPS, SamuelAUS31-35-412314189-58354825235431445311
39CASTLE, JoelAUS-29-48921141022281650DNF4225DNF474317
40MIGHELL, HaroldAUS-25201624-302220-62435341501811435318
41WOODS, JamesAUS16-36-321317817562224UFD2148DNF470322
42WARREN, JasperAUS1810283444-45DNF-66272730345121515324
43TAILBY, ReeceAUS2421-4214-281919-57343554333837455328
44THORPE, LesAUS252124DNC-3829252530344945DNF28533335
45SARE, WarrenAUS-39UFD3310172012394137533945DNF545346
46PEARSON, BrentAUS3415192532DNFDNF3047493262DNF8593353
47BURTON, ThomasAUS24-271117812DNF172125DNFDNFDNCDNC562375
48FREDDI, ThomasITA43DNFBFD3319102347UFD4547413238618378
49GOLDSBERRY, JonnyUSA19-37123435DSQ323340392828DNFDNF577380
50WILSON, PatrickUSA13-42DNF3093332464959313546DNF585383
51OWEN-SMITH, JamesAUS-38-2417191624184551382751DNFDNF528386
52RESCH, NikolausAUT303020-332427DNFDNF4540344617DNF586393
53ROBERTS, DanielAUS23-44233129-372254UFD4155484725559398
54ENGLAND, SamanthaAUS48-49-582626241759534733-632940572402
55SHERRING, JackAUS21-4518282625-31553958385942DNF565409
56MURPHY, AnnaliseIRL-4526DNF30291816DNF5860UFD521427615410
57LOGAN, DavidAUS-36-473025243213DNF46463655UFD34584421
58KISSANE, AlistairIRL29-4338-4531301641626365-712620580421
59HOLENWEG, DavidSUI36-43UFD23181728265955607033DNF628425
60JACKSON, RichardAUS32-58DNF191613316157363549DNCDNC647429
61CONNOR, CharlesAUS-33-3315152716205342DNF5630DNFDNF580434
62SUZUKI, MasatomoJPN27253537-42-39263654-6658604942596449
63GRAVARE, MartinSWE4538BFD2823UFD15525665445828DNF692452
64KIRBY, ROMEUSA-53222532-373133644857426735DNF626456
65TABATA, WakakoJPN-4735222727-362748-666261655033606457
66FERRIGHI, StefanoITA2217UFD172816DNF401472DNFDNFDNCDNC706466
67WOOLLEY, GeoffNZL42298-49-4536215164696461UFD36655481
68KNOWLES, MattUSA26282540-4135DNF3750525956DNFDNF689488
69CHAPMAN, AndrewAUS1711935-36-3730146964DNFDNFDNCDNC642489
70MOON, BenUSA23161722-3220-267061615766DNFDNF631493
71MARIE, BenoitFRA3020DNF-42362337DNF6043675355DNF706504
72STEELE, ChrisNZL17-41DNF29332733DNF325640UFDDNFDNF708507
74WYATT, CharlieAUS2831DNF-463435254468DNC5144DNFDNF726520
75COTTON, ScottAUS42231336-4847DNF2263716364DNCDNC732524
76HORTON, AndyUSA34-591940-414129UFD65706868SCPDNF752572
77LORING, DavidUSA4038UFD3722-4424SCP5567UFDDNFDNCDNC782578

Silver Fleet

1PETRINO, AdrianoSUI3547302925DNFDNF211-3333170
2SCHILLER, PhilippeSUI50-55DNF39403029SCP442339198
3MUELLER, FabioSUI44-66-48393934285-1195328203
4ROBINSON, MarkAUS27-56DNF3839383871212DNF427211
5SEATON, RyanIRL413643DNC-4934234233DNF425216
6COMADIRA, ZaneAUS3537144357DNFDNF1519-2216418236
7O’SHEA, MichaelAUS49-5427-55464227-20181118367238
8KENDALL, PeterAUSDNFDNFDNF4444323533DNF1482242
9WHITE, ByronAUS314631-53-51404026UFD1613427243
10FETHERS, AndersenAUS-5639BFD454746366-171412398245
11ROSS, KyleAUS5949DNF434250DNC13-35611468273
12EVANS, RussNZL64DNFDNF364026DNF81310DNF517277
13PRESTI, PhilippeFRADNF4237-50434342DNFDNF34504294
14TUCKER, BenjaminAUSDNFDNFDNF3537534323-26519481295
15EDMUNDS, LloydAUS333350DNFDNFDNFDNF9-1678476300
16DIXON, ChrisAUS636153DNC5542DNF-119810472301
17LOOF, FreddySWE4034244246DNFDNFDNFDNF1522543303
18COOPER, BruceAUS5245DNF544755DNF17630UFD546306
19GENDERS, JohnAUS5151DNF383546DNF107DNFDNF558318
20STEVENSON, PhilAUS3950DNF47DNFDNFDNF-308186518328
21PEARSON, RobertAUS6963DNF505044DNF14-252315513328
22SHERRING, StevenAUS6153DNF4863DNFDNF125-137502329
23SPIERS, EmmaAUS5757DNF476449DNFDNF212114570330
25MARTIN, RaysheleAUS4839DNF59DNF55DNFDNF242520590350
26JACKSON, CarterAUS65-66DNF6057563827-372724537354
27SPITHILL, TomAUS-57-554632302830DNFDNF34DNF552360
28ROBINSON, DavidAUS-585647415143DNF19DNF29DNF584366
29EKBERG, GusAUS5562DNF5652DNCDNF2422-3117559368
30ONISHI, TakaJPN4631525152DNFDNF21DNF36RAF609369
31CONNOR, NicholasAUS49603959-6147DNF16UFD24UFD595374
32BAUDET, HenriSUI5351405258DNFDNFDNFDNF2021615375
33GOSS, Edward (Ned)USA71DNFDNF574952DNF22DNF1926616376
34WINTER, RodneyAUS4425DNF-58543934DNF20DNFDNF594376
35TOOMEY, AlexAUS62-6359635660DNFDNF233923608385
37SIM, AndrewAUS-665955626249DNF3510DNFDNF638412
38DANKS, SamAUS68DNFDNF626258DNF2927-3728611414
40MAXAM, ZacharyUSA37-53-5141383841DNFDNFDNFDNF619435
41MARTIN, DavidAUS5252325653DNFDNFDNFDNF35DNF680440
42SHERRING, BrianAUS-685857656451DNF3630DNFDNF669441
43GILBERT, AnnaliseAUS5441BFD6160DNFDNF3233DNFDNF681441
44DANKS, PeterAUS67DNFBFD535345DNFDNFDNF4025683443
47BICK, ChrisAUS64-6554545650DNFUFD29DNFDNF692467
48BREWIN, StevenAUS-514044444851DNFDNFDNFDNFDNF678467
49KNIGHT, KatherineGBR67DNCDNF58584839DNFDNF43DNF713473
55WARD, IanAUS6957BFD646152DNFDNF32DNFDNF735495
57SIM, IanAUS-756463666553DNF37DNFDNFDNF743508
65FRENCH, JamesAUS-726861636356DNFDNFDNFDNFDNF783551

Burling’s 24th birthday McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth World title win

2015mothworlds burling world champion

Peter Burling (NZL), who turned 24 on January 1, leaves Sorrento tonight with the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship title, hosted by the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) in Victoria.

“I‘m stoked,” was all Burling could get out, as he sprayed and was sprayed with champagne after stepping ashore at Sorrento just after 3.15pm local time today.

“Holy, that last race, I won it,” Burling said, with a grin from ear to ear. “The boat’s been going really well this week, no problems,” he said.

Burling attributed his nine race wins to, “You get on a winning roll and just keep going. Nathan (Outteridge) and I spent a lot of time working on our boats and nothing broke.

“All the time I have put in to this campaign paid off,” he said amid cheers and pats on the back from fellow Emirates Team New Zealand team mates, including his 49er crew Blair Tuke, who finished sixth overall.

“There are some great guys in this record fleet, I am absolutely stoked to win,” ended Burling who will have little time to celebrate. It is pack up time and then off to the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Miami for an Olympic class 49er event with Tuke. Then it’s back to America’s Cup duties.

On the final day, Burling finished sixth in Race 13, the first of the day on the windy and bumpy course on Port Phillip. Initially delayed, racing did get underway on time at 1100am in 15-18 knots on a choppy sea. But competitors were brought ashore after it, while race officials reassessed conditions.

Chris Rashley (GBR) won the race, his second bullet of the Championship, followed by three Aussies: Josh McKnight, Rob Gough and Nathan Outteridge. Chris Rast (SUI) finished fifth.

Around half the Gold fleet headed out for Race 14 shortly after 1.45pm. In gusty 22-

25 knot winds, Burling finished the Worlds in the style he started, with a bullet. Outteridge was second and Rashley third. Josh McKnight was sitting nicely in third until he crashed.

Defending world champion, Outteridge, who finished second in 2013, started his campaign with two bullets, came up with two more and finished second overall. McKnight, Moth world champion in 2012 and third last year, finished third again this year. But the Championship belonged to Burling and Burling alone.

Nine wins from a possible 14 was extraordinary, especially considering the fragile nature of these boats in the big conditions which proved to be the undoing of Tom Slingsby (AUS), Scott Babbage (AUS) and Paul Goodison (GBR).

Outteridge is disappointed the full series was not completed and that conditions have been extreme. It’s happened at the last three Worlds. “In Hawaii and Hayling Island there was no wind, and here it’s been extreme at both ends,” said the 2012 49er Olympic gold medallist and Artemis Racing America’s Cup skipper who turns 29 at the end of the month.

“It’s also disappointing I didn’t have a chance to catch up to Pete. A bit of a shame we’ve been compromised by having such a big Gold fleet. If it was just the top 25 in Gold, it would have been easy to keep sailing today, as the calibre is so high, we would have handled it.

“It’s something for organisers to think about in future, because Moth events are getting bigger as the boat gets more popular. It’s hard to manage a fleet of 80 boats on one course. Even from a safety aspect.

“I am very happy with how I sailed. My worst result, discounting my timeout in that extra light fluky qualifying race, was fifth. To be able to post top five results throughout – you can’t knock that,” he said. “Pete (Burling) was impressive. Nine wins, he deserves the title. All the top guys have sailed well.”

Josh McKnight had enough in the bank to finish third overall, despite breaking his boom. “I had hoped to challenge Nathan for second place, but there’s nothing wrong with third. Look at it this way, I finished with guys who have America’s Cup contracts either side of me, and I’m a uni student who loves sailing a Moth,” he said.

Two British sailors, Chris Rashley and Chris Draper finished fourth and fifth. Draper was taken to hospital this afternoon after being stung in the leg by a stingray. We are awaiting an update.

Annalise Murphy (IRE), fourth placegetter in the Laser Radial at the 2012 Olympics, scored the best of the Women’s results with a 14th place in Race 13. But it was not enough to overcome 2011 Women’s Moth world champion and local sailor, Samantha England, who claimed her second Women’s Moth world title.

The Silver fleet did not race, so results stand as per yesterday.

“Andrew and I congratulate Peter Burling on his outstanding win,” co-sponsor Jono Morris said on behalf of McDougall and McConaghy, adding that Burling used all Mach 2 gear – boat, boom, foils, sails.

“It’s great to be part of something where we are the major supplier of the boats. It’s cutting edge technology and a platform for the top sailors. It’s where they want to be at the moment,” Morris, joint-managing director of McConaghy, which builds the Mach 2.

“It’s interesting to think that before the last America’s Cup, the sailors were getting into cat sailing. Now it’s foiling and the Moths. And it’s not just because they have to, they want to because they love it.

“Trying to settle on foil size has been interesting, they are still in development. That’s what Andrew McDougal (the Mach 2 designer) is good at and has spent a lot of time on,” Morris says.

A major attribute of the Mach 2 is the support that comes with the boats.

“So wherever there’s a big fleet of Mach 2’s, Andrew (or AMac as he is known) will be organising a ‘hospital’ for repairs on an as needs be basis.

“It’s been a good thing to do, for sure,” says Morris who added staff member Matt Heynes to McDougall’s Simon Owen-Smith for this event, aware the high numbers and high calibre fleet would mean more casualties.

“We’ve got such a good partnership with Andrew, so I’m here to see and get to know the guys sailing the boats. It’s been a very positive and beneficial experience from seeing the boats in action through to the quality of the guys sailing and their camaraderie,” Morris says.

So concludes the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship.

Full results, news, photos and video at: www.mothworlds.org/sorrento/

By Di Pearson, McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds Media

McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds – Day 5 video

Conditions were perfect for moth sailing on Day 5 of racing at the McDougall+McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds. Around 18-25 knots, flat water and sunny. This video includes interviews with Chris Rast (SUI), Sam Phillips (AUS), Josh McKnight (AUS) and Chris Rashley (GBR).

Visit the Moth Worlds website:

Video by Beau Outteridge

McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds: Burling maintains control at the top

2015mothworlds peter burling

New Zealander Peter Burling continued his near-flawless run on Day 5 of the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship being hosted by the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) in Victoria.

With one day remaining to finish the World’s off, Burling showed nerves of steel and control to score a second in Race 9 and then won the remaining three races sailed in shifty south-westerly winds on Port Philip. Winds ranged from 15-20 knots with puffs over 25 in the last of the day.

Nathan Outteridge (AUS) won Race 9, then finished second, fifth and third for second place overall.

“I had a great first two races, I was neck-and-neck with Peter (Burling). In the third I had two swims upwind. One was because I had to duck a boat and finished fifth. You go from attacking to a defensive position just like that. Today was awesome though. Perfect conditions really,” Outteridge said.

Staying composed in Race 12, when the wind had freshened and gone further right, Outteridge moved back up for third. For those who did not punch into the right hander all was lost. Everyone quickly learns to keep their heads up all the time.

“There’s a heap of guys sailing well. I’ll be happy if I can just hold my boat together. A few big names fell down the rankings because of breakages today,” he said referring to the likes of Scott Babbage (AUS) and Paul Goodison (GBR).

Outteridge was contemplating what tomorrow would bring. “Looks like it’ll be 10-20 from the north-west. That means big waves. Anything could happen,” he said, keeping Burling at the forefront of his mind, as is everyone else at the top end of the Championship.

“I’m leaving now, going for an early dinner and a long sleep ready for tomorrow,” he ended.

The 2012 world champion, Josh McKnight (AUS) maintained the status quo with another good day. He scored 3-3-2-4 results for third place overall.

“I always want to do better, to win a race. I nearly had the third race, but Peter Burling just slipped inside me. I guess I had a pretty solid day,” McKnight said.

Of tomorrow and whether Burling could be beaten, “McKnight said: “Any of us could bust stuff. Peter Burling can still be beaten. As long as I finish around him and Nathan I’ll be happy,” he said.

Just below the top three, Chris Rashley and fellow Brit, Chris Draper have been thrashing it out. The pair has stayed inside the top five consistently and with just two points separating them, they are in fourth and fifth overall respectively.

Tom Slingsby (AUS) was looking in top form, with unbelievable upwind speed, but did not finish Race 9 and was scored UFD in Race 10, for being inside the start area with a minute to go prior to the start

Babbage was third overall coming into the day. Sailing fast downwind out towards the start area, the Australian said: “A puff hit me and I ran into a moored Couta boat and did some major damage. If I make it out to the course at all, it probably will only be for the last race.”

However, he was able to make the third and four races, but had dropped out of contention down to 17th place after finishing 15th and 10th in Races 11 and 12, unable to recover properly.

Paul Goodison (GBR) the 2008 Laser Olympic gold medallist also broke gear which meant he did not finish Race 9 and was unable to start Race 10, dropping well down to 30th.

In the Silver fleet, with 11 races put to bed, three Swiss men are at the top of the board. Adriano Petrino (170 points), Philippe Schiller (198) and Fabio Mueller (203).

PRO Garry Hosie plans to end the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship with four races starting from 1100 hours tomorrow, which will decide the new world champion.

Full results, news, photos and video at: www.mothworlds.org/sorrento/

By Di Pearson, McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds Media